MAN 721: Research Seminar Organization and Innovation

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The seminar deals with current topics in the field of strategic organization and innovation research. Participation in the seminar will enable students to independently explore a research topic in a written paper. Students will get acquainted with basic literature research techniques and will learn how to organize and structure their research. Furthermore, students will be introduced to presentation techniques and how to present research findings.

Lern- und Qualifikations­ziele
Students learn how to conduct high quality research in the areas of Organization & Innovation, they will independently write a paper about a topic in Organization & Innovation and present and discuss their results in class. Successful seminar attendance qualifies the students to write their master thesis at the Chair of Organization and Innovation.

Notwendige Voraussetzungen
Innovation Management (MAN 690) or Organizational Behavior (MAN 691) or Strategic Innovation Management (MAN 658) or Organisations­theorie (MAN 692) or IP Management (MAN 693), parallel attendance possible

Inhaltliche Voraussetzungen
Master-level knowledge on organization and management

Seminar2 SWS15 SWS
Prüfungs­form und -umfangWritten seminar thesis (70%), presentation (30%)
Informationen zur Anmeldung
Geprüft durch
Durchführende Lehr­kraft
Prof. Dr. Karin Hoisl
Prof. Dr. Karin Hoisl
AngebotsturnusFrühlings-/Sommersemester & Herbst-/Wintersemester
Dauer des Moduls 1 Semester
VerwendbarkeitM.Sc. MMM, M.Sc. WiPäd
Programm­spezifische KompetenzzieleCG 1, CG 4
Benotung Ja
LiteraturThe literature caters to the specific seminar topic, which changes each semester
GliederungThe course starts with an introductory kick-off session that enables students to independently write a seminar paper. The course concludes with a presentation day of the individual seminar papers