MKT 570: Marketing of Innovations

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For students seeking knowledge in innovation and the management of new products and services, this course explores the complex challenges organizations face in bringing innovative ideas to market. How do you know which idea is the right one? What marketing strategy and which marketing program should be employed? What are the most effective consumer insights and research methods? The course will combine theory, case studies, in-class team exercises, guest lectures, and practical tools and techniques – all of which students will use in their team innovation challenge project which is the primary course deliverable.

Lern- und Qualifikations­ziele
At the end of this course, students will be able to develop and critically evaluate the marketing strategy for a product or service innovation. This course will enable students to apply frameworks, concepts, and methods for crafting marketing strategies around innovations. Students will apply their knowledge in an innovation challenge case.

Notwendige Voraussetzungen

Inhaltliche Voraussetzungen
Knowledge of marketing strategy and marketing mix

Vorlesung2 SWS15 SWS
Prüfungs­form und -umfangInnovation Challenge Pitch (30%), Innovation Challenge Final Presentation (70%)
Informationen zur AnmeldungStudent Portal (information on central registration process) and website of the chair (course information)
Geprüft durch
Durchführende Lehr­kraft
Prof. Dr. Sabine Kuester
Prof. Dr. Sabine Kuester
Dauer des Moduls 1 Semester
VerwendbarkeitM.Sc. MMM, M.Sc. WiPäd, M.Sc. VWL, M.Sc. Wirt. Inf.
Programm­spezifische KompetenzzieleCG 1
Benotung Ja
  • Each student will need to purchase a case study booklet (copyright material).
  • Lecture slides will be provided digitally one week in advance of each class on ILIAS.
  • A list of readings will be available for each class.
  • We will explain in more detail how we will distribute the materials in the kick-off session of the course.
GliederungDetailed information about the course can be found in the course syllabus on the chair's website.