Assistant Professorship of E-Business and E-Government

Endowed Assistant Professorship funded by the Dieter Schwarz Stiftung gGmbH via the Stifterverband.

Prof. Dr. Kevin Bauer

Prof. Dr. Kevin Bauer

Prof. Dr. Kevin Bauer is Assistant Professor of E-Business und E-Government at the University of Mannheim.

Research interests

  • Human-Machine Interaction
  • Human-centered Machine Learning
  • eXplainable AI
  • Applied Machine Learning


Course nameCreditsDetailsTerm
Seminar Current Topics in Human-(X)AI Collaboration (IS 724)6 ECTSCourse detailsFSS/HWS

Seminar Current Topics in Human (X)AI Collaboration: Organization


  • Motivation letter (max. 1 page including the preferred topic)
  • Current CV
  • Record of transcript
  • Send material to kevin.bauer

Schedule FSS 2023:

  • Takes place together with “Seminar Trends in Enterprise Systems” of the chair of Prof. Dr. Höhle.
  • Registration period: from now until 13.02.2023 23:59
  • Dispatch of confirmations: 15.02.2023, noon
  • Deadline to resign: 16.02.2023, noon
  • Kick-Off/Seminar start: 23.02.2023
  • Submission of the written seminar paper: 20.04.2023
  • Presentation: 04.05.2023