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CC 503 Empirical Methods 6

Course details

Spring semester Fall semester

CC 503 Empirical Research Methods

Course information

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Christina Schamp
Credit Points 6 ECTS
Hours per Week 3 hours
Language English
Grading Written exam
Exam Date tba (90 Minutes)

    Course structure

  • Lecture

    Lecturer Prof. Dr. Christina Schamp
    First Session September, 05 2018
    Schedule 3.30-5 p.m. in room M 003
  • Exercises

    Lecturer Prof. Dr. Christina Schamp
    First Session September 4, 2019
    Schedule 3.30-5 p.m. in room M 003

    Further Information

  • Course Outline

    The module provides an overview of the foundations and methods of empirical research in business administration. The course is structured along the research process. The following topics will be addressed:

    • theoretical foundations of empirical research, derivation of research subjects and hypotheses
    • statistical foundations of empirical research (z.B. descriptive statistics, probability distributions, key test statistics)
    • introduction to qualitative research
    • introduction to machine learning approaches
    • introduction to experimental research
    • introduction to survey research
    • introduction to reseach based on secondary data
    • introduction to meta analyses
    • strengths and weaknesses of alternative qualitative and quantitative research methods
    • effective reporting of scientific results


  • Requirements

    Basic knowledge in statistics at the Bachelor level is required. You still can attend the class without any basic knowlegde in statistics, but you will need more time for preparing each class.

    MMM-Students: Students can either take the module CC 503  “Empirical Methods” oder the module CC 502 “Applied Econometrics”.

    Different rules apply for MMBR-Students.

    The module CC 503 is especially recommended for students who want to specialize in marketing as it is a very helpful basis for module MKT 520 “Market Research”.

    In each term, the course will be offered in English language. The exam can only be written in English.

  • E-Learning

    You will get actual information and supplementary documents via the platform ILIAS. Please enter the group CC 503 “Empirical Methods” on ILIAS to get access to the latest information.