Chair of Taxation and Finance

Prof. Dr. Johannes Voget

Prof. Dr. Johannes Voget

Johannes Voget holds the Chair of Taxation & Finance at the University of Mannheim. Having studied Econometrics at Maastricht University, he received his Ph.D. in Economics from Tilburg University for his thesis on tax competition and tax evasion. Prior to joining the University of Mannheim, Johannes Voget held a position as Research Fellow at the Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation, with which he is still affiliated as a Research Associate.

His research interests cover international taxation, corporate finance and public finance.


Curriculum Vitae



Taxing away M&A: Capital gains taxation and acquisition activity”, European Economic Review (forthcoming), joint with Lars. P. Feld, Martin Ruf, Maximilian Todtenhaupt and Ulrich Schreiber

“Capital gains taxation and the cost of capital: Evidence from unanticipated cross-border transfers of tax bases”, Journal of Financial Economics 129 (2),  2018: 306-328, joint with Harry Huizinga and Wolf Wagner

Repatriation taxes and outbound M&As.Journal of Public Economics 139, 2016: 13-27, joint with Lars. P. Feld, Martin Ruf, Uwe Scheuering and Ulrich Schreiber

“International taxation and cross-border banking.”American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 6 (2), 2014: 94-125, joint with Harry Huizinga and Wolf Wagner

“Who bears the burden of international taxation? Evidence from cross-border M&As.”Journal of International Economics 88 (1), 2012: 186-197, joint with Harry Huizinga and Wolf Wagner

“Relocation of Headquarters and International Taxation”, Journal of Public Economics 95, 2011: 1067-1081.

“International taxation and the direction and volume of cross‐border M&As.”The Journal of Finance 64 (3), 2009: 1217-1249, joint with Harry Huizinga

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