Area Accounting & Taxation

The area Accounting & Taxation builds part of the Business School. The faculty is comprised by Jannis Bischof, Holger Daske, Philipp Dörrenberg, Felix Fritsch, Gunther Glenk, Sebastian Kronenberger, Reeyarn Li, Katharina Nicolay, Stefan Reichelstein, Davud Rostam-Afschar, Dirk Simons, Christoph Spengel, Felix Vetter, Johannes Voget, Jens Wüstemann, and our doctoral students.

On our websites, we provide useful and interesting information on the professors of the area, academic staff members, the area and office management, and research projects. Furthermore, we grant a broad overview of our diverse course offering, publications, and interesting opportunities for studies, research, and career.

Gap Year in Accounting & Taxation

Join our Gap Year Programm, a structured program in which you will complete multiple internships in several different companies in only one year before continuing with a Master's program.

Job Offers of the Area

Find open positions at the Area for student assistants, tutors and academic staff as well as current job offers from our partner companies.



  • Glaeser, S.A./Olbert, M./Werner, A.-C. (2023), Tax Competition and Employment. The Accounting Review, Vol. 98, Nr. 5, 1–30.






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