Think-cell (coming soon)

Think-cell is an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint to create diagrams such as Waterfall, Mekko and Gantt charts. More information such as video tutorials and a user manual can be found on the manufacturer's site.

License Request:

Institutions as well as students of the Business School can request a license key from BWL.POOL using your university email address and providing your full name and, if applicable, the exact name of your institution. You can then download the software from the manufacturer's download portal using the same email address.

After the installation you will be asked to enter the license key the next time you open Microsoft PowerPoint. The license is free for Business School institutions and students.

Terms of Use:

Use of the software is permitted exclusively in the context of research and teaching for non-commercial purposes.

Use for administrative purposes is excluded.

The transfer of the software to third parties is prohibited.

Upon leaving the university, e.g. upon exmatriculation, the right of use expires.

This must be stated in publications and presentations created with the help of think-cell.

By installing the software, you accept the full license terms.