The Gap Year in Business Studies (BWL)

For students, the transition from a Bachelor's to a Master's degree is an ideal time to gain practical experience and to orientate themselves  professionally. Thus, we offer both a structured and individually tailored gap year in business studies (BWL) for students, including several different internships with various companies. During the gap year students will complete three internships. Each intership will span a period over four months. Students can complete them with a different focus in Accounting & Taxation, Finance & Controlling, Management or Operations Management. Our aim is that students get to know different aspects of the field of business studies, such as consulting, management, controlling etc. In addition to that, the gap year is complemented by a varied academic program which takes place at the University of Mannheim.

One Applications – Three Internships

By submitting a single application to the program coordinator, you will apply for three internships each with a period of four months. You will indicate your preferences regarding companies and locations which will be considered for a first matching process. During your last semester of your bachelor’s degree, there will be an introductory day with representatives of companies and the university. After successfully completing the introductory day, we will present you the final matching process and the internships you are offered for the coming year. Throughout the year, we will stay in touch with you. We will also invite you to the University of Mannheim regularly in order to benefit from your experiences.  

Save the dates

  • 14. Mai 2024, 5:15 -6:45 p.m.: Infosession about the gap year (on campus). For registration follow this link on the german website.

Gap Year participants report

The Gap Year in the Press:

Your contact for the gap year program

Stefanie Burgahn

Stefanie Burgahn

Area Manager
University of Mannheim
Area Accounting & Taxation
Universität Mannheim – Room O 359
68161 Mannheim
Phone: +49 621 181-1712
Fax: +49 0 621 – 181 1706

If you wish to have a consultation about the gap year please follow this link to book an appointment with Stefanie Burgahn.