The chair for Data-Science in the Economic and Social Sciences focuses on developing methods for understanding human social and economic behavior via analyzing

  • textual data (natural language, social media posts, messaging),
  • relational data (temporal and sequential data, social and economic networks), and
  • emerging new kinds of data (blockchain data, physical sensor data, etc).

Our work generates new insights into relevant economic and social science questions via the development and adoption of novel data-driven techniques. 

The chair pursues computational, empirical and data-driven approaches often in collaboration with colleagues from the computer sciences, the economic sciences and the social sciences. 

Established through a university-wide initiative to strengthen interdisciplinary research at University of Mannheim, the chair is based at the Business School of University of Mannheim while being cross-affiliated with the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Business Informatics and Mathematics.

The chair closely collaborates with the Mannheim Center for Data-Science and the Management Analytics Center.

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Selected Publications