Assistant Professorship for Technological Innovation & Management Science

Prof. Dr. Marc Lerchenmüller

Prof. Dr. Marc Lerchenmüller

Marc Lerchenmüller is Assistant Professor for Technological Innovation and Management Science at the University of Mannheim. Currently he also serves on an expert panel examining the impact of COVID on science for the European Commission.

His primary stream of research pertains to the economics of innovation. In particular, he examines how individuals' and organizations' strategic adaptation to competitive conditions influences the pathway to innovation and entrepreneurial outcomes. His second stream of research is concerned with science policy and the translation of scientific discoveries. His research has been published in outlets like the bmj, Circulation, and Research Policy and has received international attention from media like the Economist and the New York Times.

Prior to his academic career, Prof. Lerchenmüller worked for the Boston Consulting Group in New York. He was also a co-founder of a biotechnology start-up that was exited in 2014 to uniQure and then entered into a development alliance with Bristol-Myers Squibb. With AaviGen, he is pursuing a second start-up in the gene therapy space.

​Prof. Lerchenmüller holds degrees from Imperial College London, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the University of Oxford, WHU, and Yale University.


Main field of research

  • Economics of innovation
  • Technology and innovation management
  • Science policy and translational science

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