Research Areas

Prof. Lerchenmüller's research interests include the economics of technological innovation, the translation of scientific discoveries into practical application, and science policy. In current work, he explores how monetary incentives influence scientific innovation. In other work, he examines how factors unrelated to capability, such as gender and social imprinting, affect science careers. His research received third-party funding (e.g., DFG and DAAD) and prestigious recognition (e.g., top three dissertations in the OMT and ENT divisions of the Academy of Management). 

Prof. Lerchenmüller's work has appeared in the British Medical JournalCirculation, Harvard Business Review, PLoS One, and Research Policy, and contributes to the science policy discourse in journals like Nature. His research has been covered by over 50 international media outlets, including the Economist, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Reuters, and the Wall Street Journal.   

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