Michael Grohs, M.Sc.

Michael Grohs, M.Sc.

Research Assistant and Doctoral Student
University of Mannheim
Assistant Professorship of Management Analytics
68161 Mannheim

Research Interests

Conformance Checking in Practice

  • How can conformance checking results actually help to improve business processes?
  • Can we automatically discover what leads to non-conformance?
  • What is non-conformance? Is it always bad?
  • Can conformance checking be applied to object-centric event logs?
  • What are the underlying regulations in business processes?

Application of Algorithms to Process Mining

  • Can we use algorithms from other domains for process mining?
  • How can we develop or adapt algorithms such that they fit a specific process mining task?
  • How can the results of these algorithms be visualised?



2022Master of Science in Master in Management at the University of Mannheim, Germany
2020Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Iserlohn, Germany