MaFAT Research Award

Das Mannheimer Forum Accounting & Taxation e.V. zeichnet mit dem “MaFAT Research Award” jährlich Nachwuchs­wissenschaft­ler der Universität Mannheim aus dem Bereich Accounting oder Taxation aus. Der Preis ist mit 1.000 Euro dotiert. Die Ausschreibung ist hier zu finden.

MaFAT Research Award 2017

Five Members of the Area Accounting & Taxation receive MaFAT Research Award

Sonja Müller, Sören Bergner, Benedikt Franke, Frank Streif, and Dennis Völler receive the MaFAT Research Award in 2017. All of them are co-authors of articles which were published in international top journals.

MaFAT Research Award 2016

Michael Ebert receives MaFAT Research Award

Michael Ebert was awarded the MaFAT Research Award for his paper “Discretionary Aggregation” that is going to be published in The Accounting Review (in January 2017). His co-authors are Dirk Simons, Mannheim, und Jack Stecher, Carnegie-Mellon. The MaFAT Young Researcher Award recognizes significant research publications in the field of accounting or taxation by non-tenured faculty members, postdocs or PhD students of the University of Mannheim. The award is granted annually to individual researchers and includes a €1,000 prize. 

Right after his postdoc time in Mannheim, Michael Ebert was recently appointed Professor of Managerial Accounting at the University of Paderborn. He has been a member of the Area Accounting & Taxation from 2004 to 2015.