The Area Accounting & Taxation is frequently hosting visiting researchers in Mannheim. Our visitors contribute to our research environment by presenting their work, discussing research in our seminars, working on joint projects or offering guest lectures and seminars. 

Researchers interested in visiting the Area of Accounting & Taxation at the University of Mannheim may informally contact the department any time.

Current and previous visitors include:

May 2023

Shirley Lu, Harvard Business School

March 2023

Elisabeth Blankespoor, University of Washington

November 2022

Antonio Marra, Università Bocconi

April 2022

Sugata Roychowdhury, Northwestern University

September 2021

Erin Towery, University of Georgia

May 2021

Jennifer Blouin, University of Pennsylvania

October 2020

Jonas Heese, Harvard Business School

February 2020

Sebastian Kronenberger, Leibniz Universität Hannover

May 2019

Matthias Breuer, Columbia University

February 2019

Rebecca Lester, Stanford University

December 2018

Maximilian Muhn, Humboldt University of Berlin

October 2018

Hui Chen, University of Zurich

May 2017

Andreas Simon, Pepperdine University

Januar 2017

Naomi Sunderstrom, Melbourne University

September 2016

Andreas Simon, Pepperdine University

June 2016

Stefan Schantl, University of Melbourne

May 2016

Andreas Simon, Pepperdine University

April 2016

John Christensen, University of Southern Denmark

January 2016

Naomi Soderstrom, University of Melbourne 

October 2015

Stefan Reichelstein, Stanford University

July 2015

Jack Douglas Stecher, Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh

September 2013

William Steven Clark, OECD