Our Research

The focus of our research lies on research questions whose answers contribute to both, theory and practice, i.e. to derive implications for researchers, managers, and policy makers. The theoretical framework for our research consists of theories from economics, management, and behavioral sciences. Our research interests are in the fields of organizational innovation, management of science, and entrepreneurship.

Our current research includes work on:

  • knowledge sourcing
  • knowledge recombination
  • organizational learning
  • the protection as well as the commercialization of innovations
  • the management and sociology of science
  • entrepreneurial finance

Our chosen research approach is quantitative empirical. Data are collected using surveys, conjoint experiments, or in-depth interviews. In addition, we use data sources like PatStat, Eurostat, Creditreform, SCOPUS or linked employer-employee datasets from the Institute for Employment Research (IAB). To analyze data, we utilize advanced quantitative methods like regression analyses for cross section, time series, or panel data.

Selected Publications

Further information about the publications of the chair can be found in the section Team.