Course program of the Chair of Organization and Innovation

The Chair of Organization and Innovation offers courses at Bachelor's level, Master's level and within the doctoral program. For the dates of the lectures, exercises and tutorials as well as details about seminar application, please click on the links “course details”. The course descriptions in the tables below are as of August 2019.

Students in the MMM can find information on course recognition and learning agreements  here; M. Sc. students in economic and business education will find them here. The business school’s undergraduate and double degree students will be informed directly by the dean’s office. Students from other schools with a minor in business should contact Cathrin Rieger at the dean’s office. Information regarding letters of recommendation can be found here.

Also, please note the application form and the confirmation of submission of the Master thesis. In addition, please see here an illustrative one-page research draft, which you hand in with your application, an illustrative timeline, as well as our guidelines for scientific papers.

Doctoral courses

Course nameCreditsDetailsTerm
MAN 806 Advances in Organization and Innovation Research6 ECTS

Course details

Fall semester
MAN 809 Theory Construction in the Social Sciences6 ECTS

Course details

Fall Semester
Internal Doctoral Seminar0 ECTS

Course details

Spring and Fall Semester