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  • Learning agreement

    Students in the MMM can find information on course recognition and learning agreements here; M. Sc. students in economic and business education will find them here. The business school’s undergraduate and double degree students will be informed directly by the dean’s office. Students from other schools with a minor in business should contact Cathrin Rieger at the dean’s office.

    Cathrin Rieger, M.A.

    Cathrin Rieger, M.A.

    Manager International Affairs, Master-Level Exchanges & Special Programs
    At the moment, I can’t be reached via phone. Please schedule an online appointment.
    University of Mannheim
    Dean's Office Business School
    Schloss – Room EO 393 (3rd floor)
    68161 Mannheim
    Consultation hour(s):
    Please note: Only online consultations are offered currently. Please make an appointment at