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Area Banking, Finance & Insurance

The Area Banking, Finance & Insurance is part of the Business School at the University of Mannheim. It has first-class facilities, internationally renowned faculty and conducts research in all areas of modern finance. The Area consists of the Professors Peter Albrecht, Tabea Bucher-Koenen, Ernst Maug, Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi, Stefan Ruenzi, Oliver Spalt, Erik Theissen, Senior Professor Martin Weber as well as the assistant professors Marc Gabarro, Markus Huggenberger, Thomas Johann and Jiri Tresl.

On our website, we provide useful and interesting information about the professors of the area, academic staff members, and research projects. Furthermore, we grant a broad overview of our diverse course offering, publications, and interesting opportunities for studies, research, and career.

The Area Banking, Finance & Insurance at a Glance

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An overview of all courses taught in the Area of Banking, Finance & Insurance will help you plan your semester. You can also get information about writing a thesis or seminar at the area.

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Have a look at the publications and ongoing research projects at the Area of Banking, Finance & Insurance.

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