Notes on the preparation of scientific papers in the study of Economic and Business Education (Version: 13.01.2020)

In this document (Hinweise zur Anfertigung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten im Studium der Wirtschaftspädagogik (Version: 13.01.2020); translation: Notes on the preparation of scientific papers in the study of Economic and Business Education (Version: 13.01.2020)), you will find notes on writing papers at the Chair for Economic and Business Education, Learning in the Working Process (Prof. Dr. Andreas Rausch) and the Junior Professorship for Economic and Business Education, Competence Development and Training Quality (JProf Dr. Viola Deutscher). Besides formal requirements such as formatting, citation and sources, the notes provide helpful tips, for example on formulations in the text, on structuring the text and on the quality of sources.

The guidelines and tips collected here may differ from the expectations of other chairs. You should therefore always inform yourself at the organizational unit responsible for the respective work. In addition, dissenting information given in a specific course always takes precedence over the general rules in this document.

It is assumed that you deal with central aspects of scientific work independently. This applies in particular to the fact of plagiarism. Here applies: ignorance does not protect against punishment. Plagiarism has consequences and can be prosecuted.

This document is regularly revised and supplemented. Please make sure that you use the latest version. I am very grateful for any indication of errors, ambiguities or inconsistencies.

Typical process of supervision

The team at the Chair of Economic and Business Education – Learning in the Working Process is looking forward to dedicated students who would like to write their thesis at our chair. The typical process of supervising master's theses can be found here. The supervision of bachelor's theses is similar to the way outlined for the theoretical thesis. Please also note the information in the ILIAS course “Department of Economic and Business Education” (“Fachbereich Wirtschaftspädagogik”). The chair of Prof. Rausch is looking forward to assisting and supervising you in your thesis.

Stilvorlagen für die Literaturverwaltungsprogramme CITAVI und ZOTERO

Für das einfachere Zitieren der verwendeten Literatur können Sie gerne die Vorlagen des Lehrstuhl Wirtschaftspädagogik – Lernen im Arbeitsprozess für CITAVI und ZOTERO verwenden. In diesem Dokument können Sie zudem Hinweise zur Verwendung der Software CITAVI und der Software ZOTERO finden.