Courses at the Chair of International Finance

The Chair of International Finance offers courses on Bachelor's level, Master's level and within the Doctoral Program. Find the dates of the lectures, exercices and tutorials as well as information about the course registration in the Portal2 (matriculated students only). Further information can also be found in the respective module catalogue of your course of study. All course descriptions in the tables below are as of February 2024.

Bachelor Courses

Course nameCreditsDetailsTerm
FIN 352 – International Finance6 ECTS


Spring 2024 (exchange students only)
FIN 401 – Corporate Finance & Risk Management6 ECTSCourse detailsFall Semester
FIN 453 – Alternative Investments from an Institutional Investor’s Perspective3 ECTS

Course details

Spring Semester (not regularly offered)
Bachelor's Theses B.Sc. BWL12 ECTSCourse detailsSpring Semester
Bachelor's Theses B.Sc. WiPaed12 ECTSCourse detailsSpring Semester

Master Courses (MMM, MMBR)

Course nameCreditsDetailsTerm
FIN 580 – Derivatives6 ECTSCourse detailsFall Semester
FIN 682 – International Asset Management6 ECTSCourse detailsSpring Semester
FIN 687 – Python in Finance2 ECTSCourse detailsFrühjahrs-/Herbstsemester
FIN 780 – Seminar6 ECTSCourse detailsSpring / Fall Semester
Master's Theses (MMM)24 ECTSCourse detailsSpring / Fall Semester
FIN 910 – Area Seminar FinanceCourse detailsSpring / Fall Semester

You can find detailed information about the offered study programmes of the business school here.