FIN 685 – Banking Regulation

General Information

This course provides an in-depth look into selected topics in financial regulation. The course will be offered in three blocked all-day sessions. The first session will analyse financial regulation from the perspective of a commercial bank manager. The second session will analyse financial regulation from the perspective of a financial regulator, such as the European Central Bank. Core themes throughout the course will be the proper assessment and management of financial risks in accordance with the existing regulatory framework for banks. Students will be tasked with a graded group assignment that provides the opportunity to translate the knowledge acquired in the first two sessions into practice by analysing regulatory issues for existing banks. Groups will present their results in the final session.

Further Information

  • Learning Outcomes

    After completing this course, students will have a thorough understanding of some of the key features of the current regulatory framework for banks and how they affect banks and regulators. Students acquire tools to assess and manage central regulatory banking risks. Students will have analyzed, prepared a report on, and presented results on regulatory issues facing a real bank.

  • Prerequisites


    At least one MMM finance course: FIN 5XX


    Students taking this course need a basic understanding of what a bank is, how it conducts its business, and what its balance sheet looks like. FIN 590 (Financial Institutions I) is strongly encouraged as a prerequisite.

  • Registration

    Registration is via Portal2 (matriculated students only). Admission to the course is limited to 25 students.

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Leah Zimmerer, M.Sc.

Leah Zimmerer, M.Sc.

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