Chair of SME Research and Entrepreneurship

Prof. Dr. Michael Woywode

Prof. Dr. Michael Woywode

Professor Woywode's chair is dedicated to teaching the subjects of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurship. The theoretical and practical teaching focus lies on startup-related topics in general, such as business model development and scaling, internationalization of startups and social entrepreneurship, as well as the relation of these topics to SMEs. Our entrepreneurship courses are conducted by the MCEI (Mannheim Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation), which is interdisciplinary in focus and offers its courses throughout the university.

The team of the chair is also part of the Institute for SME Research and Entrepreneurship (ifm Mannheim), which represents all our research activities. The ifm Mannheim has four research areas: digitization and competitiveness in SMEs, family businesses, new self-employment, and entrepreneurship.

On our chair's webpages, you can learn more about our courses, our teaching staff, our research and job offerings. Even though both the ifm Mannheim and MCEI have their own dedicated webpages, all the central information is accessible via our chair's webpage as well.

How to access our lectures via Zoom in Fall 2021

The Chair for SME Research and Entrepreneruship will be holding lectures mostly via Zoom for the fall semester 2021. You can access the Zoom room for a lecture either with the specific link or with the room ID and password. You will find this information on Portal2. You may additionally receive this information via email to your university account from your course administrator. Please check your university email regularily. To find the login information on Portal2 follow these steps: 

  1. Log into Portal2 and search for your lecture (under “Studying”). 
  2. Look up the name of the Zoom room of your lecture unter “Parallelgroups/ Appointments” (e.g. BWL-ZOOM-08 for MAN630). Be aware that the room might also change throughout the semester for different sessions. So always check again in Portal2 for the specific session. 
  3. Click on the room and accpet the Privacy Policy to find the Zoom link as well as Room-ID and Password. 
  4. Use the Zoom Link (or Room-ID and Password) to log into the Zoom room.

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Gabriele Schleicher

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