Chair of Risk Theory, Portfolio Management and Insurance

Prof. Dr. Peter Albrecht

Prof. Dr. Peter Albrecht

The chair of Risk Theory, Portfolio Management and Insurance at the University of Mannheim was founded in 1965. It is the oldest business administration chair in the area of insurance in Germany. Prof. Dr. Dieter Farny was the chair holder until 1972. After him followed Prof. Dr. Elmar Helten, who held the chair until 1986. Since 1989 Prof. Dr. Peter Albrecht is holding the chair. His research interests lie primarily in the areas of risk theory and risk management as well as capital markets and investment management. 

Insurance research is interdisciplinary with the main focus on economics, law and mathematics. The University of Mannheim is one of the few universities in Germany to offer these areas within the Business School, the Department of Law and the School of Business Informatics and Mathematics. The Institute of Insurance Sciences at the University of Mannheim was established for their further cooperation. The Chair of Risk Theory, Portfolio Management and Insurance represents division 1 (Versicherungsbetriebslehre). 



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