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  • Institut für Unternehmensfinanzen und Kapitalmarktforschung e.V.: Business network for students

    Institut für Unternehmensfinanzen und Kapitalmarktforschung e.V.

    Institut für Unternehmensfinanzen und Kapitalmarktforschung e.V.

    University of Mannheim
    L 9, 1–2
    68161 Mannheim

    Exchange between students and business

    The Institut für Unternehmensfinanzen und Kapitalmarktforschung e.V. emerged from the Department of Finance at the University of Mannheim. As an independent association, we promote close exchange between science and business.

    The focus is on the practical exchange between companies, young scientists and talented students. In addition, we act as a point of contact for all questions relating to financial markets and are dedicated to the transfer of international research studies to practice and to the economic policy debate.

    The Institut für Unternehmensfinanzen und Kapitalmarktforschung e.V. sees itself as a link between theory and practice – for the benefit of all.

    Students can register free of charge at the Institut für Unternehmensfinanzen und Kapitalmarktforschung e.V.. Members receive information on job or internship offers from the associated companies, get access to projects and can participate in IUK events free of charge.

    In case you are interested, please register via the institute's website

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the institute: info

  • Job Offers

    There are no job offers currently.

  • Job Market Candidates

    Current Job Market Candidates

    Here, you can find information about Doctoral Students who are planning to be on the upcoming job market.

    You can find information about placements of former job market candidates here.

  • Exchange Students

    For general information for exchange students, please turn to the website of the Business School's International Office.

    For more information on the course offering, please visit the respective webpage of the Business School.

    If you have further questions regarding

    • the content of any of the courses offered by the chair
    • examination modalities
    • possible examination alternatives (e.g. term papers)

    please get in touch with the respective chair that is offering the course.

  • Learning Agreements

    Students in the MMM can find information on course recognition and learning agreements here; M. Sc. students in business education will find them here. The business school’s undergraduate and double degree students will be informed directly by the dean’s office. Students from other schools with a minor in business should contact Cathrin Rieger at the dean’s office.

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    Chair of Finance




    Marion Baierlein

    Chair of Finance

    Alexandra Kornfeld-Gran

    Chair of Corporate Governance

    Bettina Muser

    Chair of Risk Theory, Portfolio Management and Insurance

    Karen Niemetz

    Chair of International Finance

    Iris Trautwein

    Chair of Senior Professor Weber

    Angelika Wolf-Tobaben

    Chair of Corporate Finance