Prof. Felix Vetter, Ph.D. is awarded the “Best Junior Researcher Award 2021”

Two research awards were presented at the University of Mannheim, Business School, in late November. The awards honored special achievements in conducting and publishing cutting-edge research, acquiring research funding, promoting young and diverse talent, and engaging in the research community. Each award winner receives an additional research budget of €10,000 donated by Mannheim Business School gGmbH.

The “Junior Researcher Award” went to Prof. Felix Vetter, Ph.D., who was recognized for his first-class publication record in the innovative research field of “Labormarket in Accounting.” In the laudatory speech, Professor Vetter's outstanding methodological competence was highlighted. His most recent publication is also a successful example of how scientific questions can be answered using the latest methods. Prof. Vetter is delighted with the award: “Receiving the Best Junior Researcher Award is a great honor and motivation to continue researching and publishing at the highest level”.