Master's Theses

General Information

The Finance Area will offer master's thesis topics for students every semester. There is a centralized allocation procedure for master's theses in the Area of Finance.  On this website you can find information on the centralized allocation procedure of master's theses topics. The actual topics, formal requirements and supervision specifics are subject to the policies of the individual chairs. Please refer to the respective chair websites for more information in these regards.


  • General Timeline

    To enable the common allocation procedure, there is a fixed timline when it is possible to start writing a thesis and when to apply for topics. For a general timeline of this process please refer to this document. Note that the timeline cannot be changed due to individual requirements, e.g., due to time spent abroad or internships.

  • Prerequisites

    You must have successfully completed a seminar with one of the chairs of the Finance Area (FIN 7XX) in order to participate. As most topics require to work empirically, some knowledge of statistics and econometrics is useful and participants should be motivated to undertake empirical work. You should write your thesis in English.

  • How Topics are allocated

    The allocation of topics is carried out jointly for the participating chairs. Once the application period start, you will be required to fill out an online application form indicating your contact details, your seminar grade as well as your preferences regarding the different topis offered. The assignment is competitive and based on the grade of the seminar and your priority list from the master's thesis application form. In order to ensure a timely completion of the master program, priority will be given to students with a high semester count. It can happen that some students that apply in a given semester cannot be assigned a topic. Note that the probability that you will be assigned a topic will depend on both your seminar grade as well as how popular the topics on your preference list are.

Process Guide and Schedule

Date Event Additional Information


Topics Announcement

Topics will be uploaded to the individual websites of the participating chairs.


Topics Presentation in O 048

Topics will be presented by the participating chairs. Schedule:

  • 1.45pm Theissen
  • 2.45pm Ruenzi
  • 3.30pm Spalt
  • 4.15pm Maug
  • 5.00pm Niessen-Ruenzi
  • 5.30pm Albrecht

09.03.2020 - 19.03.2020

Online Application

Students should submit an online application form indicating their preferences. The Link will be provided here.

Link to Ilias Group to Submit Applications (it is only possible to join the group via this link):


Topics Allocation Announcement

The allocation of topics will be published here.

24.03.2020 - 31.03.2020

Registration Period

Ask your advisor to register your thesis at the student services office within this period.


Starting Date

Formal starting date of the writing phase.


Submission Deadline

Last day to hand in your thesis.


Contact Person

Fabian Brunner, M.Sc.

PhD Student
University of Mannheim
Business School
L 9, 1-2 – Room 502
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
On appointment