Bachelor Thesis

The Chair of Logistics and Supply Chain Management offers three types of Bachelor Thesis topics:

  1. Literature Review: Summarizing, structuring and critically reviewing the existing literature on a certain topic.
  2. Exploratory Research: Analyzing a current real-life topic by using academic literature, information on the internet, and possibly interviews.
  3. Quantitative Analysis: Spreadsheet modeling and quantitative analysis of a given managerial decision problem.

After being assigned to the Chair of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, students may indicate up to three preferred choices from a list of topics. We try to match these preferences when assigning the topics to the students.

The thesis may be written in English or German.

The links below provide access to a summary of typical topics from past semesters. Topics are related to our chair's research areas (e.g., supply chain management; inventory management; reverse logistics; e-fulfillment;...).