Course Offer at the Chair of Enterprise Systems

The Chair of Enterprise Systems offers courses on Bachelor's level, Master's level and within the Ph.D. program. Find the dates of the lectures, exercices and tutorials as well as details about seminar application in the Portal2 in the respective course sections (matriculated students only).

Due to the Corona crisis, the following courses will be offered in HWS2020 online:

  • The course IS 203 will be held in a hybrid digital format. We will upload recorded lecture videos on Ilias and have complementary Zoom sessions to address questions that you may have regarding the materials. The dates for the Zoom sessions and the respective links will be published on Portal2. 
    You will receive all further information when we upload the first slides. All materials will be uploaded on Ilias. The course doesn’t contain additional exercises.
  • The course IS 540 will also be held in a hybrid digital format. The course introduction, Q&A sessions, and guest lectures take place via Zoom and will be uploaded as videos to ILIAS afterward. All other lectures are directly uploaded as videos to ILIAS. We will provide more information soon.
  • The updated information about the course IS 602, “Business Intelligence and Business Analytics Systems”, please check its dedicated page.