Bachelor's Thesis (FSS 2024)


You can find our Bachelor thesis topics for Business Administration students during the spring semester 2024 here.

In general, topics are case studies that deal with current business events and require the valuation of a company using different methods (DCF-WACC; DCF-APV, multiples). Moreover, students are required to analyse stock price reactions using common event study methodology. Students have to search for relevant data themselves. All necessary data can usually be extracted from annual statements on companys' homepages and Datastream (access provided by the chair).

For case studies, literature research is of subordinate importance. Their practical focus inherently puts more weight on data research and analysis. Case studies require good understanding of theoretical and methodological concepts outlined in prior lectures. Moreover, solid  knowledge of Microsoft Excel (e. g. sensitivity analysis, goal seek, etc.) is crucial. If you are not familiar with Excel, you should improve your skills using appropriate literature (e. g. Benninga, S., 2008, Financial Modeling, 3rd. Ed., MIT Press).

Some examples for case studies can be found here.

Students of Economic and Business Education are required to write a literature review instead of conducting a case study. We offer literature reviews about certain streams of research within the broad Area of Corporate Finance. Literature reviews put a strong weight on literature research. As a starting point, we provide appropriate introductory literature.

One example for a literature review can be found here.

Allocation Process

The topics for the spring semester 2024 will be available for download (see above) from March 4, 2024 (Economic and Business Education) and April 8, 2024 (Business Administration). Please fill out a preference list (Students of Economic and Business Education & Students of Business Administration) in which you rank topics according to your preferences (topic with rank 1 as your most preferred topic). Please assign a name to the file in the format “First name_Last name” and submit it to Bastian Koch (Economic and Business Education students) or Henrietta Oppong-Adjei (Business Administration students) by March 6, 12:00 pm (Economic and Business Education) or by April 12, 12:00 (Business Administration), respectively. We will randomly assign a topic to each student taking into account your preferences.

Introductory Session

In an introductory session, we will announce further details about the organizational procedure. Moreover, we will inform you about the requirements at our chair for writing a good bachelor's thesis.

Thesis Supervision

Supervisors of bachelor's theses are :

  • Henrietta Oppong-Adjei
  • Rongrong Wang
  • Dr. Luisa Langer
  • Bastian Koch (nur Wirtschaftspädagogen)

Each student can make an appointment with his supervisor. Please notify us in case you can't make it on the official dates. If you have a valid reason, we can schedule a session on another date.


Bastian Koch

Bastian Koch

Economic and Business Education

Henrietta Oppong-Adjei

Henrietta Oppong-Adjei

Business Administration