FIN 731- Seminar

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The Chair of Corporate Governance will offer a seminar for master students at the University of Mannheim in the HWS 2024. This term, the seminar will be about “Current Topics in Finance”. You can find information on the specific topic description (here) and slides (here). For further information please refer to the respective webpage on finance area website.

  • Aim

    In this course specific topics from the fields of „Mutual Funds“ will be dealt with in depth. Students will have to work on the main topic of the seminar in some detail and write a term paper on a specific sub-topic that will be allocated to them. In the seminar, students will present their own paper, discuss other students' paper, and participate actively in classroom discussions.

  • Learning Outcomes

    Students will learn how to independently work on a research paper. Thus, the seminar paper also serves as preparation for a master thesis. Furthermore, students learn how to present research results and how to contribute to scientific discussions.

  • Prerequisites

    You must have successfully completed at least one finance course (FIN XXX) offered by one of the chairs of the Finance Area in order to participate.


  • Form of Assessment

    • Paper: 2/
    • Presentation: 1/
  • Assignment of Topics

    The assignment of seminar papers is carried out jointly for most of the chairs of the finance area, see below for exceptions. As for the centralized procedure, the assignment of the seminar paper topics is based on the average grade in the courses of the Finance Area and your priority list from the seminar application form. In order to ensure a timely completion of the master program, priority will be given to students with a high semester count.

    Please refer to the respective website for further information on the allocation process and criteria. 


  • Timeline

    You can find the timeline on the finance area website


  • Stata Tutorials

    If you apply for an empirical seminar topic and your knowledge about STATA and financial databases is limited, you should attend the tutorials that provide you with basic knowledge about programming with STATA and the use of financial databases. Please refer to the respective website for further information on STATA tutorials.


  • Additional Guidelines

    You should write your thesis in English. Further guidance on the seminar paper (e.g., formal requirements) is provided in this document.

Contact person

Chia-Yi Yen

Chia-Yi Yen

Ph.D. candidate
University of Mannheim
Business School
L 9, 1–2 – Room 403
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
by appointment