Practice Projects

The chair of service operations management looks forward to the collaborations with organizations in our field of expertise. We at the chair view these collaborations as a dynamic learning process of solving real life managerial problems with the tools of operations research and mathematical modeling.

We offer collaborations in the form of student projects, joint research projects, workshops and guest lectures. To collaborate or empower your business with the ideas of service operations management,  write to us at

  • Example Industry Projects

    Example companies and projects in cooperation with the industry:

    • Aida, e.g. on Cruise Revenue Management
    • Burda, e.g. on Revenue Management for Print Media
    • Deutsche Bahn, e.g. on Delay Management and Revenue Management
    • Deutsche Telekom: e.g. on Product and Tariff Design
    • Dell, e.g. on Managing Service Levels in the Supply Chain, Green Product Design
    • Freudenberg, e.g. on Business Modell Servicizing Options
    • Lufthansa, e.g. on Product Differentiation and Revenue Management