MAN 770 Research Seminar (Spring 2019)

Lecturer Assistant Prof. Dr. Jan-Philipp Ahrens & Dr. Iuliia Shkrabaliuk
Course Format Seminar
Course Credit 6 ECTS
Language English
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Course Description

University of Mannheim - Master in Management - Research Seminar:
Strategic Management, Sociology, and Psychology in the Family Business

MAN 770 Course Program Fall/Winter- a.y. 2019

Capsule Course Outline: This research seminar covers current research at the intersection of strategic management, psychology, sociology, and family firms. A particular focus is put on research on the role of CEOs. Students will discuss and reflect upon questions such as “How do social and individual identities of leaders affect decisions?”, “Are family CEOs superior performers?”, “What is the influence of greed on CEOs?”, or “Are founder CEOs more overconfident than professional CEOs?” and “What is the social context of firm ownership?”. This is an advanced course to be taken towards the master’s end in preparation for the master thesis. It demands a high level of involvement and contribution. Please, do read the syllabus very carefully before the beginning of the course.

Objectives: The goal of the course is twofold. First, it is designed to help participants gain access to the main topics and theories intersecting strategic management, sociology, psychology, & family business research. We will read and discuss 14 seminal articles, and simulate an academic conference in class. This familiarizes participants with the state of the art research, its designs & methods, and the respective current academic debate.

The second goal of the course is to familiarize students with the core techniques of scientific work in business studies. This includes developing a research idea, evaluating its contribution, obtaining data, performing analyses using STATA, and reporting results in article and presentation format. Students will learn to use statistical software.

Overall, the course prepares students for writing a master thesis at our chair.

For further course information, please download the syllabus and refer to the university's student portal.

Please note that there is also an optional tutorium, for which students may register independently.

Application: Registration via the student portal ( is mandatory (Open until 02.09.2019). Additionally, apply to jahrens(at) by sending your student ID, transcript of grades, and CV & motivation letter (both 1 page). Application deadline: 02.09.2019

Non-MMM students, e.g. law, computer science, languages, sociology, psychology, MKW, MaKuWi, etc., as well as incoming students are welcome.

Gabriele Schleicher

Gabriele Schleicher

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