Information for students

On the following pages, please find information about our course offering on Bachelor, Master and PhD-level as well as further information about writing your seminar, Bachelor or Master thesis at our chair.

Below, please also find additional information about letters of recommendation and learning agreements.

If you are looking to support our team as a student assistant or PhD candidate, please find our current job offerings here.


Find an overview of our course offering here.

Academic Research and Writing

Find information on writing a thesis at our chair here.

FAQs Letter of Recommendation

  • How to request a letter of recommendation?

    Please contact the Dean’s Office if you need a letter of recommendation to apply for a scholarship or an academic program at another university. Our chair can only hand out letters of recommendations for Ph.D. and doctoral programmes and only if you attend or have attended our seminar. Participating in a lecture series is no sufficient requirement.

  • Which documents to submit?

    Provided the Dean’s Office has directed you to our chair, please email the following information and documents to our secretary:

    • Current transcript of records along with a class ranking from Student Services
    • Any courses attended at our chair with grades obtained
    • For master’s students: Bachelor’s degree certificate
    • CV
    • Description of the program the letter of recommendation is directed at

FAQs Learning Agreements

  • What do I have to consider when applying for a learning agreement?

    Students in the MMM can find information on course recognition and learning agreements here; M. Sc. students in business education will find them here. The business school’s undergraduate and double degree students will be informed directly by the dean’s office. Students from other schools with a minor in business should contact Cathrin Rieger at the dean’s office.