ACC 620 Accounting for Financial Instruments & Financial Institutions

Module Outline

The course addresses issues in accounting for financial instruments and by financial institutions currently discussed by standard setters (FASB, IASB) and bank regulators. It covers the distinction between equity and financial liabilities, derecognition of financial assets, measurement of financial instruments (including structured products) and the accounting for hedging transactions. Finally, risk disclosure requirements under IFRS and the Basel II/III Framework are discussed.

The course aims at developing the skills to understand the financial statements of financial institutions and to critically analyze and evaluate proposals of standard setters and regulators in the field of accounting for financial instruments and financial institutions. Students will get an in-depth understanding of the current and proposed accounting rules and understand the underlying conceptual discussions surrounding their development.

Relevant book excerpts and research papers will be provided throughout the course.

The course grade will be based on a final exam (90 min).

Please note that the course is offered in German only. Further information can be found in the module catalogue (“Modulkatalog”).