The program Economic and Business Education is one of the profile determining programs of the University of Mannheim. Individual support for students (counceling, coaching) and various additional services ensure excellent study conditions.

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Bachelor Economic and Business Education

The bachelor program “Economic and Business Education” is providing the degree “Bachelor of Science” (B.Sc.). The bachelor program prepares for the challenges of the working environment.

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Master Economic and Business Education

Graduating in a compatible Bachelor's program provides students with the opportunity to apply for the subsequent Master's program “Economic and Business Education”. Sucessfully graduating in the Master's program is a necessary prerequisite to become a teacher at a vocational school.

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The area Economic and Business Education offers the opportunity for academic qualification (doctorate). If you are interested in research topics connected to Economic and Business Education feel free to contact the professors of the area


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Sponsorship and Funding

 An overview of sponsorship and funding programs.

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Study Abroad

The study program offers the opportunity to collect theoretical and practical experience abroad.

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Student Association

The student association Economic and Business Education is part of the organizied student body and represents the students of the area Economic and Business Education.