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Bachelor in Economic and Business Education

Succeed by studying business and educational science!

A solid education in the areas of business administration and educational science, intensive support and integrated practical experience – you can expect all of this and more of the bachelor’s program in Economic and Business Education.

Quick Facts about the bachelor’s program in Economic and Business Education


What our program in Economic and Business Education offers you


Developing a general understanding of national and company-related economic challenges, aspects of business law as well as business informatics is at the heart of the bachelor's program

Options for Individualization

Specialize in certain areas already in your bachelor’s studies. Our wide range of electives enables you to sharpen your profile.

Intensive Support

Team work and individual support of students through counseling, coaching sessions and tutorials create an excellent learning environment.

Practical Experience

Internships in schools as well as businesses, e.g. in the Human Resource department of a company, are an integral part of the program.

Many Career Opportunities

Start a career with your bachelor’s degree in the private sector or continue with the consecutive master’s program and go into the teaching profession at a vocational school? The choice is yours.


The optional semester abroad gives you the chance to gain international experience and develop your language skills. This chance to broaden your horizon is already possible during the bachelor’s program.

What students think about our bachelor's program in Economic and Business Education

I have chosen the University of Mannheim because both its reputation and the rankings are excellent. I think it’s great to first build a broad foundation of basic knowledge during the bachelor’s studies. Thereby, you get to know many areas and discover potential personal strengths and interests you had not been aware of at the start of your studies. You can continue to build upon that during your master’s studies and specialize in these areas. A degree in Economic & Business Education opens new doors – be it in training management, educational counselling or even educational politics. All of that is already possible with a bachelor’s degree. The additional prospect of becoming a professional instructor confirms my decision also in the long run.

Philipp Dahm, Student Bachelor Economic and Business Education / Photo credit: Rike Allendörfer

Even if Business Administration has been my strength during my time at a Wirtschaftsgymnasium, I didn’t want to study pure Business Administration, as my interests were inclining me more towards social or pedagogical professions. Upon my teachers’ recommendation, I read up on the program Economic and Business Education, which convinced me with its polyvalence: as the focus is both on Business Administration and Education Science, you can keep yourself both paths open, depending on whether you want to go into educational professions or the free economy. I chose the University of Mannheim because of its reputation and because I enjoy living in a lively city. I haven’t regretted my decision: there is a great student body, which helped me connect right away and which places great importance on giving first semesters a smooth start into your studies. Additionally, apart from being a beautiful location for Schneckenhof parties, the castle offers multiple libraries in which you can find calm learning spots besides the lecture halls.

Bojana Fuhr, Student Bachelor Economic and Business Education / Photo credit: Rike Allendörfer

The study program Economic and Business Education offers deep insight into a multitude of economic interrelations which are complemented by pedagogical and psychological topics. This promises a diverse university life, a better understanding of our educational system and the obtainment of basic psychological knowledge. Being able to attend an additional elective from the fifth semester onward is especially exciting to me.

The University of Mannheim supports me in regard of an optional semester abroad and the guided collection of experiences through different internships which are combined with seminars.

I moved to Mannheim at the beginning of the first semester during the pandemic. Despite online teaching, I don’t miss out on social interactions, studying together with fellow students and interesting exchanges. The organization and planning of the online teaching has been implemented in a very student-friendly and well-structured way.

In my opinion, Mannheim offers everything you need to feel comfortable.


Hannah Sophie Kalvoda, Student Bachelor Economic and Business Education / Photo credit: Rike Allendörfer

Application for the bachelor's program in Economic and Business Education

  • Your Profile

    Besides your interest for economic and educational questions as well as in teaching and learning formats at companies and schools, you should bring along a high level of commitment, motivation and discipline for the bachelor's program in Economic and Business Education. Further, you will require:

    You can find the exact requirements for the program in the selection statutes.

    A good grade average in your university entrance qualification, first working experience in the commercial or educational area as well as extracurricular activities will increase your chances of being accepted to the program.

    The ability to read, understand and work with scientific articles in English is assumed in the bachelor’s program. In case you want to refresh your knowledge of the English language starting with your first semester, we recommend the language course offerings of the University of Mannheim.

    If you haven't attended any math classes in high school in the recent past, we recommend participating in the Refresher Course in Mathematics of the Department of Economics at the beginning of the fall semester, especially in order to be prepared for modules in economics. Important basics in math are indispensable, also for a successful completion of the Economic and Business Education program.

  • How to apply

    You can apply online  for the program between 15 May and 15 July. Enter your personal data and send us your application.

  • Your Admission

    You will receive an official letter of admission via in the first weeks of august. If the bachelor’s program in Economic and Business Education is your first choice, accept the offer in the online portal of Hochschulstart. Afterwards you will receive your admission along with all relevant information for your enrollment by mail or via the application portal of the University of Mannheim. You will further receive information on how your first days here in Mannheim will look like. After you have participated in the introductory events in the week prior to the start of the program, you will be able to create your course schedule and familiarize with the examination regulations.

Contact us

We would be happy to advise you on the following concerns and questions:

  • Information for prospective students
  • Course planning (e.g. for a semester abroad)
  • Module change etc.
  • Electives
  • Questions about the examination regulations
  • Advice on individual cases (examination rights, maternity leave, flexible deadlines)
  • Examination of the recognition of achievements
  • You can find important applications and forms on the learning platform Ilias .

If you would like to arrange an online consultation, simply enter yourself in our calendar.

Book your appointment

Clara Vonhof, M.Sc.

Clara Vonhof, M.Sc.

Program Management Bachelor and Master in Economic and Business Education
University of Mannheim
L 4, 1 – Room 001 (ground floor)
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
Please note: Only online consultations are offered currently. Please make an appointment at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I already have to chose an individualization when applying or beginning my Bachelor's program?

    No, in the fourth semester you have the chance to chose your individualization. 

  • Is it possible to enter a higher semester?

    Yes, entering a higher semester is possible in the Bachelor's as well as in the Master's program and can be realized in the fall/winter semester.

    Entering a higher semester is approval-free in the Bachelor's program. Entering a higher semester in the Master's program is restricted in admission. The selection criteria correspond to the criteria for the first master semester. Please note that the number of study places is limited in the higher semester of the Master's program.


  • Can a commercial training be recognized?

    A commercial training can be recognized for the bachelor module “practical business studies” after enrollment. The request is to be made at the examination board for Economic and Business Education. A form can be found in Ilias under “forms”. 

    A completed instructor suitability test in commercial field can be recognized for the bachelor module “education management (I): professional training” after enrollment. The request is to be made at the examination board for Economic and Business Education. 

  • What are the examination regulations and why is it important to read them?

    In the examination regulations of your program your rights and duties regarding your studies are regulated. It is your “contract basis” for the study ath the University of Mannheim. Therfore please read your examination regulations carefully, best of all before starting your studies and take care of actualizations. You do not have to know your examination regulations by heart – but it is important that you have read them at least once and know the most important regulations. 

  • What is the orientation test and what happens if I do not pass?

    The orientation test serves as evidence that you were able to understand the content-related basics of Economics and Business Education and gained methodological tools and a systematic orientation necessary to continue your studies. It also helps to revise your study decision and correct possibly wrong decisions without big loss of time. The test is study-accompanying and requires the acquisition of 42 ECTS until the end of your second, but not later than the end of your third semester. We recommend you to sign up for the scheduled tests given in the study plan. 

    Please note that ECTS achieved in a third attempt do not count for the 42 ECTS necessary for the orientation test. If you have any questions regarding the orientation test or if you need help with your study planning do not hesitate to contact our study counselling. 

    In the case of not passing the orientation test you will lose your audit requirements due to failure to meet the deadline and will be exmatriculated. 

  • How many times can I retake a test?

    In the Bachelor's and Master's program of Economic and Business Education you have in general two attempts. 

    If you write a test for the first time it is your first attempt. If you do not pass this first attempt, you will be signed in automatically for the next possible repeat date. This is your first repeat date (second attempt). If you do not pass the second attempt you will be signed in automatically for the next possible repeat date. this is your second repeat date (third attempt). 

    In the Bachelor's program you are not allowed to have more than three second repeat dates (third attempt). 

    In the Master's program you are not allowed to have more than two second repeat dates (third attempts). 

  • What are the requirements for the admission to referendariat at vocational schools?

    To apply for a referendariat at vocational schools in Baden-Württemberg a master degree in Economic and Busniess Education is necessary. Additionally workplace internship in a extent of 42 weeks and 10 weeks of school internship are essential. This practical experience will be acquired during your Bachelors's and Master's program. 

    Informations about the requirements for the teaching practice at vocational schools in other federal states can be found on the respective homepages of the culture and education ministries. 



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