Ways towards a Doctoral Degree

At the Business School, there are two ways of working towards a doctoral degree (Dr. rer. pol.).

During the GESS course program I acquired advanced theoretical and methodological skills in Econometrics and Finance. It was an excellent starting point for my own research projects. The GESS is a great opportunity to get to know PhD students from different areas.

Leah Zimmerer, GESS, CDSB – Ph.D. Program in Finance / Foto: Stefan Leifken

It was important for me to pursue my doctorate in an academic space that acted as a community of learning, with diverse perspectives, regular collaboration and overlapping interests with researchers at various stages of their careers. The Business School fit the bill perfectly in this respect. The Business School’s interdisciplinarity, methodological competence and international orientation were also great opportunities for me to learn and develop as a researcher.

Himani Singh, Research Associate at the Chair for Organization and Innovation, Prof. Hoisl / Photo credit: Felix Bruns

I decided to pursue my doctoral studies at this Business School, given its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its international prestige. Personally, those were valuable elements to select the program. I attempted to identify what I could give back to the university and how it would support my passion as well as the freedom to pursue my research interests. Given my human rights background, I decided in favor of a Business School that centers society's well-being and encourages research at the intersection of business and society.

Arlette Danielle Román, Doctoral Student at the Chair of Sustainable Business, Prof. Edinger-Schons / Photo credit: Picture People Fotostudio

I chose the Business School of the University of Mannheim because of its consistent top rank and its high research quality in the Germany and all over the world. Also, I found my expertise and interests completely match to the chair’s research works.

Pardis Sahraei, Doctoral Student at the Chair of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Prof. Fleischmann / Photo credit: Majid Sodachi

Pursuing my PhD at the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.

Prof. Qiang Guo, University of Southern Denmark / Photo: Kirstin Niedernolte

After completing the Mannheim Master of Management (MMM), the doctorate at the chair offers an excellent opportunity to expand my academic education in a target-oriented and individual way. In particular, the continuous scientific discourse with colleagues and the exchange with students within the scope of my teaching activities enrich my work in a sustainable way.

Simon Thimmel, doctoral candidate, Prof. Helmig / Foto: Xenia Münsterkötter

Doctoral Program at CDSB

The Center for Doctoral Studies in Business (CDSB) offers Ph.D. programs in the Areas of: Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Taxation.

Doctoral Program at a Chair

A doctorate at one of our chairs can start throughout the year once you have found a supervisor. You will find more detailed information on this here.


Natalie Holm, Dipl.-Kffr.

Natalie Holm, Dipl.-Kffr.

Doctoral Student Advisor, Program Manager MMBR, Commencement Ceremonies
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