Master in Economic and Business Education

Start your career in vocational education or a business

Study Economic and Business Education at one of the top business schools in Germany. You have various opportunities to give your studies your own profile.  Besides gaining deep knowledge in business education and business administration, you will develop your social competences and academic working skills by team-oriented forms of learning and working as well as individually aimed feedback. 

The Master in Economic and Business Education prepares you for a teaching activity at a career-oriented school or a business high school. But is also an ideal base if you want to work in a company, for example in the human resources sector. 


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Information on the application process for this fall semester (start in september 2020) is available here

Quick facts about the master's program in Economic and Business Education

  • Length of study and program start: 4 semesters (full-time), fall semester (September); potentially also in spring semester in case of unclaimed spots
  • Academic calendar: find the dates for the fall/winter semester 2020 here
  • Language of Instruction: German, some courses are taught in English
  • Application: Between 15 May and 15 July via; in case of unclaimed spots an application is also possible from 1 October to 15 November. Please note: due to the current suspension of all teaching operations at the University of Mannheim, the online-application phase has also been halted. Planned start will now be 1 May. Further information can be found on:
  • Admission requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Economic and Business Education or accredited business or economics related degree along with proof of knowledge equivalent to study content of the bachelor’s degree in Mannheim.
  • Selection criteria: Grade of your first degree (usually your bachelor’s degree)
  • Internationality: Semester abroad and transfer of credits earned abroad possible
  • Fees: € 156.70 per semester, additional tuition fees for non EU/EEA applicants and for a second German degree
  • Program structure / content: Module catalog 2017, examination regulations
  • Program brochure:  Download

What our Master’s Program in Economic and Business Education offers you

Deepening education

In the master's program, you will deepen the fundamental knowledge in economic and business education, business administration and your individual specialization acquired during your bachelor’s degree.

Individual study profile

No matter whether you aim for a career in Human Resource Management or as a teacher at a vocational school – specialize your degree according to your career goals. You can for example complement your degree with courses from the Mannheim Master in Management and the Department of Economics.

Practical experience

The integration of practice phases at schools is an integral part of the master’s program. Further internships in companies are a prerequisite for a career in teaching.


Many career opportunities

Whether in a school or a business – with the master’s degree, you can pursue a career either in the educational or private sector. At the end of the master’s program, the decision is up to you.


Intensive support

Team-oriented learning and working methods and individual support of students through counseling, coaching sessions and tutorials create an excellent learning environment.



Your studies don’t have to be limited to Mannheim. We are glad to support you in organizing a semester abroad.


What our alumni think about our master's program in Economic and Business Education

Influenced by my commercial training and pedagogical background, I enjoy the integration of pedagogics into an economic context which is found in Economic and Business Education. Due to my studies, I recognize the meaning of economic interdependencies. Therefore, I now view basic economic education as an important goal for adolescents and young adults. Internships offer a good view over the broad career prospects after your studies. Furthermore, especially during the master’s studies, studying in small groups is very pleasant.

Manuel Böhm, Student Master Economic and Business Education / Photo credit: Rike Allendörfer

Mannheim as a place to study is in many ways an attractive city. The campus is not far from the city center, the individual buildings are not far away from each other and within walking distance. You are always integrated into the city. Because of its size – manageable but not too small – Mannheim is an absolute student city. Last but not least, studying in a Baroque palace is without a doubt unparalleled. As a variation to the stressful university life, the relaxed nightlife in Mannheim has a lot to offer. Schneckenhof parties on the university premises every Thursday, numerous clubs in the city center and last but not least the cozy bars in the nightlife district Jungbusch, which attracts students not only for clubbing, but in recent years also for living. For me, Mannheim is a multifaceted and vibrant city – for residing and living, but of course and most importantly also for studying.

Elisabeth Moller, Student Master Economic and Business Education / Photo credit: Rike Allendörfer

My Master’s thesis enabled me to start my career in the Human Resources department of the Volvo Group in 2014. Today, I am responsible of supporting our managers of the Volvo Group Trucks branch in Southern Germany and for advising our sales departments all over Germany on HR topics. My knowledge of both psychology and education as well as my specialization in Human Resources, a subfield of business administration, continue to be very valuable in my daily work. The methodological and social skills I gained during my studies were key to my professional career.

Florian Kuczera, graduate of the Master’s program in Economic and Business Education / Photo credit: Privat

Becoming a teacher: an alumna of Economic & Business Education shares her experiences of her school training


  • Your profile

    Besides your interest for economic and educational questions as well as in teaching and learning formats at companies and schools, you should bring along a high level of commitment, motivation and discipline. Further, you will require:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Economic and Business Education or accepted equivalent business or economics related bachelor’s degree
    • At least 120 ECTS points which are equivalent to the study content of the bachelor’s program in Economic and Business Education of the University of Mannheim
    • Proof of knowledge of German language

    You can find the exact requirements for the program in the selection statutes.

    A good grade average in your bachelor’s degree will increase your chances of being accepted to the program.

  • How to apply

    You can apply online for the program between 15 May and 15 July. Enter your personal data and send us your application.

  • Your admission

    Within 4 to 6 weeks after the application deadline, you will receive notice on your admission via mail or e-mail. Your notification is then accessible via the online portal. Please log into the portal and check your status. In case of a successful application, you will find your official letter of admission online along with all relevant information for your enrollment. You will further receive information on how your first days here in Mannheim will look like. After you have participated in the introductory events in the week prior to the start of the program, you will be able to create your course schedule and familiarize with the examination regulations.


Feel free to contact us on the following concerns and questions:

  • Information for applicants
  • Study schedule planning (e.g. for a semester abroad) 
  • Change of modules
  • Electives
  • Examination regulations
  • Individual counseling (examination law, maternity leave, flexible deadlines) 
  • Recognition of academic achievements
  • Important applications and forms are available on the learning platform Ilias. 

If you would like to schedule an online consultation appointment, simply register in our calendar.  

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Dr. Charlotte Köller

Dr. Charlotte Köller

Manager Study and Exam Affairs of the Economic and Business Education programs
University of Mannheim
Fakultät für Betriebswirtschaftslehre
L 4, 1 – Room 002 (EG)
68161 Mannheim
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