Our Mission

It is our aim to help prepare our students for the challenges of making sustainable managerial decisions in an increasingly dynamic and complex environment. In particular, we equip students with management concepts and analytical skills for systematically developing and responsibly evaluating solutions for practical decision problems, typically arising in operations management.

In addition to teaching established fundamentals, we also provide insights into state-of-the-art research results to our advanced students if these innovative approaches are useful for solving actual decision problems in practice.  The three pillars of our teaching philosophy are thus established fundamentals, selected insights into state-of-the-art research, and practical relevance to real-world problems in business and society.

In today's ever-changing business landscape, I found an interest in operations management because of its strong interconnectedness with artificial intelligence (AI). AI is the future of business and has strong roots in operations management practices such as planning, scheduling, and optimizing.

Simon Hohberger, PhD Student in Service Operations Management

I chose the University of Mannheim because I wanted the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to practice. Professors in the Operations Area use various real-life examples to illustrate theories during lectures, which helps me to further understand the application in different industries. Also, guest lectures assist students by displaying the connections between what they learn in school and how it is used in practice.

Xueying Feng, MMM-Alumna