What is Operations Management?

Operations management is about matching supply and demand which is the very core of business.

  • Operations management (OM) is responsible for creating and delivering a company's products and services. Is is about delivering on the promises made to the customer – and about allowing these promises to be made in the first place. As such, it is paramount to the creation of any business value. Carefully designed and well executed operations provide an important source of competitive advantage.
  • The Area Operations Management covers this domain in research and teaching.
  • Our overall goal is to develop and disseminate knowledge that facilitates better decision-making on managerial levers and trade-offs along the entire supply chain, including logistics, production, service operations, and procurement.

Four pillars characterize our approach:

  • End-to-end coverage of OM tasks along the supply chain

    Our collective areas of expertise cover the full scope of Operations Management, ranging

    … from sourcing to distribution

    … from discrete manufacturing to process industries

    … from physical goods to services

    … from focal company to supply chain coordination


  • Analytics-oriented approach

    • We address the complexities of managerial decision making by means of analytics
    • Our expertise includes a wide range of advanced analytical methods from the fields of operations research, data science, econometrics, and the social sciences
    • We combine methodological expertise and intimate domain knowledge in relevant areas of operations management
    • We see analytics as a means to an end
    • We focus on how to generate value from data by enabling better decisions
  • Focus on managerial levers and trade-offs to optimize performance

  • High relevance: Practice- and application-driven

    • Practice- and application-driven means that our research and teaching activities are informed by problems facing the practice of operations management.
    • We collaborate with a wide range of partners from the corporate world and provide a forum for exchange between faculty, students, and practitioners.
    • The engagements with our partners vary in scope and duration: