FIN 601 – Bond Markets


Prof. Dr. Erik Theissen

Prof. Dr. Erik Theissen

Chair Holder
Chair of Finance

    Further Information

  • Time & Venue

    • The course is delivered during the first half of the semester (please note: this is the regular schedule of this course and is not specific to the Corona situation)
    • Each week (March 1 to April 26, except during easter break) videos corresponding to roughly three lecture and/or exercise sessions will be uploaded
    • Exercises are delivered in the same way as the lecture, usually with a one-week delay
    • As a special exercise, a presentation of solutions to the 2020 exams (main and retake) will be uploaded on or before April 26
    • A Q&A session (live via Zoom, not recorded) will be offered every Monday from 10:15–11:45 (March 8 to May 3). It covers the material of the previous week.
    • All other information and links to the videos can be found on Ilias. To communicate, I will write messages via Ilias to all registered course participants
  • Language

    The course is taught in English. All materials and the exam will be in English.

  • Prerequisites & Access

    Target audience of the course are master students. A recommended prerequisite is the course FIN 500 – Investments.

  • Materials

    Course material (slides, poblem sets) is available in the ILIAS group. Please register for the course on Portal2  under the course title “FIN 601 Bond Markets”.

    Please note: 

    • The course material is meant to accompany the course. It is not intended to provide a substitute for attendance in class!
    • The “required readings” are relevant material even if not covered in class!



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    • Sundaresan, S. (2009): Fixed Income Markets and their Derivatives, 3rd edition, Academic Press.
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