Courses at the Chair of Finance

The Chair of Finance offers courses on Bachelor's level, Master's level and within the doctoral program. Find the dates of the lectures, exercices and tutorials as well as information about the course registration in the Portal2 (matriculated students only).

Bachelor Courses

Course nameCreditsDetailsTerm
FIN 301 – Investments and Asset Pricing6 ECTSCourse detailsSpring Semester
Bachelor Thesis12 ECTSCourse detailsSpring Semester

Master Courses

Course nameCreditsDetailsTerm
FIN 500 – Investments6 ECTSCourse detailsFall Semester
FIN 601 – Bond Markets6 ECTSCourse detailsSpring Semester
FIN 602 – Trading and Exchanges6 ECTSCourse detailsFall Semester
FIN 603 – Empirical Finance10 ECTSCourse detailsSpring Semester
FIN 604 – Stata in Finance2 ECTSCourse detailsSpring & Fall Semester
FIN 606 – FinTech4 ECTSCourse detailsFall Semester
FIN 703 – Seminar6 ECTSCourse detailsSpring & Fall Semester
Master Thesis (MMM)24 ECTSCourse detailsSpring & Fall Semester

PhD Courses

Course nameCreditsDetailsTerm
FIN 801 – Discrete Time Finance8 ECTSCourse detailsFall Semester

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