Bachelor Thesis - FSS 2019

  • Bachelor Program BWL

    March, 11-21: Students hand in chair priorities via Portal 2.

    April, 02: Topic Annoucement: Topics for the FSS 2019 can be found here.

    April, 08, 9:00am-12:00am (L9, 1-2, room 409): Introductory session: The session includes a presentation of the topics, an explanation of the allocation procedure and an introduction to scientific working.

    April, 09, 12:00am: Announcement of topic allocation: The topic allocation for the FSS 2019 can be found here. The scope of the thesis is 20 pages (excluding literature). A style sheet for the cover page of the thesis can be found here.

    June, 04, 12:00am: Deadline for handing in the bachelor thesis at the secretary's office of the Chair of Finance (extension not possible).

  • Bachelor Program Wirtschaftspädagogik

    Students have the option to write their thesis in English or German. For more information, please refer to the German version of this site.