Master Theses

[ only English version is available ]


In this semester (FSS 2024), the Chair of Corporate Governance will offer Master thesis topics for Master students at the University of Mannheim. You can find information on the specific topic description (here) and slides (here). For further information please refer to the respective webpage on the Finance area website.

  • Theses allocation

    The allocation of Master Theses takes place in coordination with all Finance Chairs (see also here).


  • Timeline

    Please find the timeline on the finance area website here

  • Guidelines for Master­thesis

    You should write your thesis in English. Further guidance on the master thesis (e.g. formal requirements) is provided in this document.

  • Master colloquium

    Each candidate for a Master thesis at the Chair of Corporate Governance must present his/her topic during a seminar twice during the semester. The seminar is an integral component of the supervision and should be considered as a chance to get an early feedback on the thesis. Participation in the seminar is mandatory for all candidates.

Contact person

Chia-Yi Yen

Chia-Yi Yen

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