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The allocation of Master and Diploma Theses at the chair of corporate finance takes place in coordination with the Chairs of Finance (Prof. Theissen), International Finance (Prof. Ruenzi), Banking (Prof. Weber), Risk Theory, Portfolio Management and Insurance (Prof. Albrecht), and Corporate Governance (Prof.  Niessen-Rünzi).

In order to receive a topic, you must fill out a priority list which will be posted here.

Please consult the finance area homepage for more information.


Topics for the FSS 2024 can be downloaded here.

For a successful registration, each student is required to fill out a priority list (Prioritätenformular). The submission of the priority list is conducted online via an application form. The application form can be found here.

Our chair offers two types of topics: case studies and empirical theses. Working on a case study involves analyzing the value of a specific corporate decision, such as an IPO, M&A, or the issuance of (convertible) securities. Using different company valuation models (WACC, APV, etc.) and performing event studies are often required. Good knowledge of Corporate Finance methods and Excel is usually sufficient. Working on an empirical topic involves examining the decisions of a larger sample of companies. In order to accomplish this type of work successfully, good statistical and econometrical knowledge, as well as first experiences with a statistics software (e. g. STATA, SAS, etc.), are required. At the beginning of each semester, we offer tutorials on empirical work with Stata and databases at the University of Mannheim. For more detailed information, please click here.

Registration and Objectives Meeting

The registration is done electronically by replying to our secretary's e-mail. We will send you three forms which you have to sign, scan and send back via e-mail. The forms are the application form, the plagiarism policy, and the declaration of agreement. Please check if your address, topic, student-ID etc. are correct and inform our secretary in case.

In order to determine the precise content of your thesis, there will be a meeting with your supervisor on the thesis’ objectives (duration: 35–40 min.). It is important that you prepare the topic before going into the meeting. Please bring a first draft with you (max. one DIN A4 page, not an outline!) in which you explain your approach and where you want to set your priorities. You should set up a date for the objectives meeting with your supervisor as soon as possible but at least within the registration period.

Within 24 hours after the objectives meeting we expect you to send your supervisor a 1–2 page long summary of the results of your discussion. This document will be the basis for your subsequent work and the valuation of the thesis.

Master's Thesis Seminars

During the working period there will be two group seminars. The purpose of the seminar is to present your preliminary work, discuss critical issues, and get early feedback as well as helpful suggestions from fellow students and Prof. Maug. The attendance of the seminar is compulsory as it is an inherent part of the master and diploma thesis mentoring. The two round of seminars will take place on the following dates:

  • 13 May and 14 May, 2024; Room 409, L9, 1–2
  • 1 July and 2 July, 2024; Room 409, L9, 1–2

Reference Note on Writing a Master's or a Diplom Thesis

The document How to Write a Thesis contains the formal guidelines for writing a thesis at the chair of Corporate Finance as well as useful suggestions for the structure and content. 

Submitting your Thesis

You need to hand in one bound copy and one stapled copy of your thesis. Furthermore, you need to hand in a “data-CD” or USB stick containing all the data you worked with (see the document “How to Write a Thesis”). This CD also has to contain a copy of your thesis in Microsoft Word-format and in pdf-format.

You have to upload an electronic version (Microsoft Word format) of your thesis and STATA Do-File (simply copy the code at the end of the appendix in the word file) to Please follow the steps described here to set up your account and upload your file. The relevant Class ID in Turnitin is 18466256.

In order to submit the hard copies and USB, use regular mail. Alternatively, you could also bring it to the Chair's office. The office is located in L9, 1–2, 3rd floor, Room 3.05 and you can submit material during working hours. Furthermore, I would like to remind you to include the signed declaration of author­ship in the printed version of your thesis. The wording can be found in the MMM examination regulations §10–4.

Please note, that the page limit for a thesis at our Chair is 50(!) DIN-A4 text pages. 

The last page of your thesis has to contain the signed affidavit. Please find the exact wording in the examination regulations of the Diplom program in Business Administration/degree program Mannheim Master in Management.

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