Siamak Khayyati, Ph.D.

Siamak Khayyati, Ph.D.

Universität Mannheim
Schloss Schneckenhof Ost SO 212
68161 Mannheim
Tel.: +49 621 181-1461
Fax: +49 621 181-1579

My research interests are in design and control of production systems. In particular, I’m interested in developing methods for efficiently using partial information signals emitted from the production system in controlling the material release decisions.

Research Interests

Production systems consist of a multitude of machines and buffers connected in a network whose state information can be used for controlling the release of material into different parts of the system. Various control policies, e.g. the CONWIP and the Kanban policies, utilize predefined structures for using this information. Optimizing a control policy for every possible information signal can improve the performance of the system but it is often computationally prohibitive. As a middle ground solution, the set of information signals can be summarized into a smaller set with a manageable size. My research is partly focused on addressing the different aspects of this process, including identifying the signals, summarizing them and optimizing the policy parameters based on them, by using tools such as joint-simulation and optimization and machine learning.