Chair of Business Administration and Taxation

Prof. Dr. Philipp Dörrenberg

Prof. Dr. Philipp Dörrenberg

Philipp Dörrenberg holds the chair of Business Administration and Taxation at the University of Mannheim (since February 2019).


Curriculum vitae


Selected Publications

Dörrenberg, Philipp, Denvil Duncan and Max Loeffler (2022), Asymmetric labor-supply responses to wage-rate changes: experimental evidence from an online labor market, Labour Economics.

Blesse, Sebastian, Philipp Dörrenberg und Anna Rauch, Higher taxes on less elastic goods? Evidence from German municipalities, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2019.

Dolls, Mathias, Philipp Dörrenberg, Andreas Peichl und Holger Stichnoth (2018), Do retirement savings increase in response to information about retirement and expected pensions?, Journal of Public Economics 158, 168–179.

Asatryan, Zareh, Benjamin Bittschi und Philipp Dörrenberg (2017), Remittances and Public Finances: Evidence from Oil-Price Shocks, Journal of Public Economics 155, 122–137.

Dörrenberg, Philipp und Jan Schmitz (2017), Tax compliance and information provision -- A field experiment with small firms, Journal of Behavioral Economics for Policy 1(1), 47–54.

Dörrenberg, Philipp, Andreas Peichl und Sebastian Siegloch (2017), The Elasticity of Taxable Income in the Presence of Deduction Possibilities, Journal of Public Economics 151, 41–55.

Dörrenberg, Philipp, Denvil Duncan und Christopher Zeppenfeld (2015), Circumstantial Risk: Impact of future tax evasion and labor supply opportunities on risk exposure, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 109, 85–100.

Dörrenberg, Philipp und Denvil Duncan (2014), Experimental Evidence on the Relationship between Tax Evasion Opportunities and Labor Supply, European Economic Review 68, 48–70.

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