Master's Seminar

TAX 730 for Master Students

Jan Kock, M.Sc.



For further information please contact Jan Kock.

The successful completion of a Seminar Paper is a formal prerequesite for being admitted for the master's thesis in the Mannheim Master in Management (M.Sc.) program.

Students individually write a term paper comprising of 15 pages and then present their work in front of other students, academic staff members and Professor Dr. Spengel / Professor Dr. Dörrenberg. The seminar always starts at the end of each semester and the deadline for handing in the paper is 8 weeks later. The presentation takes place during the first weeks of the upcoming semester. Hence, students usually can work on their theses during the semester break. The seminar is worth 6 ECTS credits.

  • Procedure

    The topics of the seminar papers at our chair cover a wide range of issues in international business taxation. A selection of examplary topics from past years can be found below.

    The seminar papers may be written in English or German.

    At the end of each semester we publish a list of available topics as well as all relevant dates for the coming semester via our seminar website and our News. A kick-off meeting with Professor Spengel / Professor Dörrenberg takes place before the beginning of the writing period. Please select your preferred topics in advance and bring a priority list to the session. Afterwards, the writing period for the seminar starts with the assignment of the topics and ends eight weeks later on. The seminar finishes with a presentation of each participant's work at the beginning of the semester. The overall time period to consider for the fall term hence usually ranges from the seminar registration in May and the topic assignment in late June/early July until the final presentation in late September. Correspondingly, the seminar in the spring term starts with the registration towards the end of November/early December followed by the topic assignment in late December, and finishes with the presentations towards mid-March.

    Please also consider our Guidelines for Seminar Papers, Bachelor Theses and Master Theses in Englisch and our Handbook for Scientific Writing.

  • Registration and Contact


    You can register for the seminar via e-mail to our secretary. Please provide your student ID number and the program you are enrolled in.

    You will find the list of topics available in the fall term 2021 below after 10 May 2021.

    Registration will be possible until 30 May 2021. After the end of the registration period, you will receive a Zoom-Link for our kick-off session and all further relevant information.

  • Requirements

    • Formally: 2 Modules of the 500 and/or 600 level in the Area Accounting & Taxation
    • Technical: Prior knowledge from the modules TAX 630 and TAX 620 (especially for empirical theses) are recommended and very helpful.