Course offer at the Chair of Business Administration and Taxation

The Chair of Business Administration and Taxation offers courses on Bachelor's level, Master's level and within the doctoral program. Find the dates of the lectures, exercices and tutorials in the Portal2


Bachelor Courses

Course nameCreditsDetailsTerm
Grundlagen des externen Rechnungswesens6 ECTSCourse detailsSpring Semester
Bachelor Thesis12 ECTS Course details Spring & Fall Semester

Master Courses

Course nameCreditsDetailsTerm
ACC/TAX 570: ESG Regulation and Sustainability Reporting8 ECTSCourse detailsSpring Semester
TAX 521: Case Studies in Company Taxation4 ECTSCourse detailsSpring Semester
TAX 620: Applied Empirical Research8 ECTSCourse detailsFall Semester
TAX 660: Tax Planning6 ECTSCourse detailsFall Semester
TAX 730: Seminar in Betriebswirtschaftslehre6 ECTSCourse detailsSpring & Fall Semester
Master Thesis24 ECTS Course details Spring & Fall Semester

PhD Courses

Course nameCreditsDetailsTerm
TAX 913: Empirical Tax Research10 ECTSCourse detailsSpring Semester
TAX 922: Reading Course Taxation Research (II)5 ECTSCourse detailsSpring Semester

General Information for Scientific Papers

You can write your bachelor, seminar and master thesis at our chair. For the duration of the process, you will be supervised by one member of our team. The formal requirements for scientific papers can be found in our guidelines. You can find a LaTeX template incorporating the guidelines there as well. The handbook for scientific writing is designed to assist you in structuring the content of your work and is intended to help you getting started. We strongly recommend to read both documents carefully beforehand.

In addition, we would like to inform you on our plagiarism policy.