Bachelor Thesis

The Chair of Business Administration and Accounting offers students of the subjects Business Administration and Business Education the opportunity to prepare a Bachelor's thesis at the chair.

The organisation and and allocation of students to the chairs are centrally managed by the Dean's office.

Selected topics

  • Implications of the “Bilanzrechtsmodernisierungsgesetz” for financial and tax accounting
  • Accounting for pensions following IAS 19
  • The informational role of financial statements – an illusion?
  • The impact of blockholders for firm value
  • The importance of auditing for corporate governance
  • Measuring reporting quality: approaches and problems
  • Are solvency tests an alternative for conservative accounting?
  • Objectives and limitations of segment reporting
  • An analysis of the tasks and the effectivity of securities regulation
  • Non-audit services – An Analysis of the supply and the demand side
  • Do regulation and institutions affect financial reporting?
  • The relation between information and trust: The influence of corporate governance on capital markets' trust
  • Managerial overconfidence and financial reporting